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At Drakka Viking Shields, we are first of all shield craftsmen. We work with wood, we forge steel and we hammer iron. We live in our workshops, among the sawdust and clangor of hammers. We take great pride in our work.

We are Norsemen.

about us drakka viking shield
Drakka Viking Shields is a US company with the mission of selling authentic, handcrafted, but affordable Nordic & Slavic shields, weapons, costumes, jewelry and accessories, using only the highest quality materials. 

Our mission is to keep alive the Viking craftsmanship and the traditional Norse values of discipline, adventure, courage and godly respect. We aim to build and nurture a community of Viking enthusiasts, who enjoy the mythology and mystery of the ancient Norse culture. If you value Viking beliefs and ideals such as strength, honor, courage and conquest, then our craft is made for you.

Every of our shield and other items we produce carry with it a unique Norse symbol, or icon. Each one has a unique meaning. Our range is varied, including strong combat pieces as well as subtle and delicate handcraft items, but all with distinctive Viking style. It is not for everyone.

Drakka Viking Shields strives to provide the same quality service that we ourselves expect. We have established standards, and we aim to exceed them at every opportunity. 

  • 30 day return policy on all orders.
  • All items are stocked and ship from California.
  • No back orders. Orders placed with us will ship out promptly, because we only sell what is in stock.
  • Order before 6pm central time and your orders will ship out the next business day. 

The Vikings were much more than the barbarians history has depicted them as. There is no doubt that they were incredible craftsmen based on some of the jewelry that has been discovered. They were also great traders and lovers of good things in life, refined spices, clothes, and furs.

Sven Bjorgensen


Brian Cooks

Viking sagas reveal the importance of honor and poetry to these fascinating people. Our mission is to dismantle some of the stereotypical information and stereotypes about the Vikings.

If you haven't already, we recommend reading Beowulf or the Volsung Saga or Hrolf Kraki to learn more about the Viking Age. Each of these sagas is filled with stories of honor, courage, magic, and even monsters. It is likely that those sagas are better than any contemporary science fiction, and certainly many ideas for modern science fiction can be found in them. As you read more, it becomes apparent how heroic and honorable these people were.    

Please contact us if you have questions, if you would like to see an item we don't offer, or if you'd like to discuss the fascinating history of the Viking people.

Drakka Viking Shields.