Drakka Viking Shields For Raiding & Display

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of history with Drakka Viking Shields' exquisite high-end collection. Meticulously handcrafted, these shields are a testament to the ancient artistry of the Norse people. Painstakingly recreated with unparalleled attention to detail, each shield is a masterpiece that transports you to the age of legendary warriors.

Using traditional materials like seasoned wood, sturdy leather, and forged metal, Drakka's artisans skillfully replicate the techniques of old, ensuring these re-enactment quality shields not only embody the spirit of the Vikings but also withstand the rigors of modern re-enactment battles. With Drakka Viking Shields' high-end products, history comes alive in your hands, connecting you to the valor and heritage of a bygone era.

  • High Quality Birch Wood

    To match affordability with sturdiness, most of our shields are made with birch ply, birch planks, or birch veneer. Some are leather-covered; others, on request, use MDF to add battleworthy sturdiness.

  • Multiple Sizes

    Most of our standard shields are manufactured at 24", which makes them impressive but small enough that you can comfortable heft them all day. We do also offer 27" and 29" sizes.

  • Hanging Options

    Do you know that you want to mount your shield on a wall? Our shields are quite heavy, and can damage walls: so we have a special wall hangar option which is thinner, lighter, and has an easy-mount groove.

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Carved Viking Shields

We offer several exquisitely hand-carved viking shields which make incredible display pieces in living rooms, restaurants, bars, and even just decorating your arm. No time is spared to recreate handsome hand-hewn details.